Your essential guide to marketing in the 21st century…

From Wiley Publishing comes "the most researched, documented, and comprehensive manifesto on experiential marketing ever written"—topping Amazon's chart of marketing releases in the #1 spot! Click here to order your copy.

Written by the leaders of the experiential movement, Experiential Marketing lays out a blueprint for exploiting a new marketing paradigm. With more consumers avoiding or ignoring ads, marketers need a new way to reach them—and companies such as Nike, HP, Anheuser-Busch, and Procter & Gamble that have turned to face-to-face “experiences” are generating billions in sales, expanding customer reach, and building stronger relationships with consumers who buy more, buy quicker… and buy forever.

Using hundreds of case studies, exclusive research, and interviews with more than 150 global brands spanning a decade, Smith and Hanover present an incredibly in-depth and compelling portrait of how companies around the world are using—and will use—experiences as the drivers of reinvented marketing mixes. You’ll learn:

  • The history and principal strategies of experiential marketing

  • How top brands are creating experience-driven portfolios

  • The anatomy of an experience and the psychology of engagement

  • The central tenets of experience design

  • The 10 habits of highly experiential brands

  • How to measure the impact of an experience

  • How to combine digital and live in an experiential strategy

  • How to begin converting to experiential marketing

Experiential Marketing is an action-packed manifesto every CMO, marketer, agency executive, professor, and branding practitioner will use as their default playbook for the future. Learn how to increase reach and expand your customer base. Uncover how the best brands are creating face-to-face customer connections. Get keen insights on deploying a new, more effective marketing strategy. And sidestep the decline of traditional mass media advertising. Businesses need to reinvent how they market in today’s consumer-controlled economy—and Smith and Hanover deliver an informative, exciting and eye-opening roadmap for putting brands on the winning path.